The fastest and simplest way to invoice your clients


Send invoices to your customers the moment the job is done. Open the app, create a new invoice, tap send, it’s that simple.


Plan your jobs ahead of time. Schedule the work at for each location and assign jobs to your employees. Easily reassign jobs between your team members.


Your clients get invoice or quote immediately and you know when they have seen it. It’s fast and easy to send using any share method like; email, text or WhatsApp.


Keep track or all your jobs, customer quotes and invoices in one place.


Send high quality downloadable PDF quotes and invoices from your phone, tablet or mac.


Create professional invoices and quotes when you are with your customer or between jobs, converting quotes to invoices is just one tap.

Take your business to the next level

Growing your business and taking it to the next level can be quite the challenge. You need to keep track of your employee’s hours, customer invoices, and manage your increasingly busy schedule of contracts and other jobs. It can sometimes feel like you’re trying to wear too many hats at the same time. Tradyhat allows you to manage your business from the convenience of your mobile phone

Send invoices and receive payments
Manage your team’s hours and track their time
Move scheduled tasks between your team
Stop trying to do everything and wear all the hats and let Tradyhat be your own personal mobile assistant.



Garden maintenance and snow removal

Richard has decided to start his own garden maintenance and snow removal business after years of working for others. In the last few months, Richard has seen his business grow as word begins to spread around. With greater demand in jobs Richard has hired a few employees and now needs to manage his workload as well as everyone else’s jobs.

With Tradyhat Richard can now schedule new jobs, manage different tasks, and assign new jobs to his employees. If someone calls in sick or happens to be away on holiday Richard can easily reassign open jobs to another one his workers with a few simple clicks.

Best of all, once the job is done an invoice can be sent out automatically by scheduling it in advance or send it on the spot. All this and more from the convenience of our easy-to-use app.

Meet Richard a Tradesman using tradyhat invoicing app




Great For Electricians

Portable appliance testing, or better known as electrical PAT, describes the examination of electrical appliances and equipment to ensure they are safe to use at your home or office.

A simple visual examination can find many electrical safety damages and defects. For example, apparent damage seen through torn plug cords, burning signs, insulated pins, incorrect wiring, loose terminations, and more.

Some electrical damages happen over time, such as corrosion, cracks, dust, and natural wear and tear. The time for various appliances defect ranges and the frequency of damage is not the same.

This is why a periodic PAT is essential for the safety of homes and offices.

Why TradyHat?

David is a professional electrician and since he provides PAT, he doesn’t let his customers “wait” for a risk to become high. By using the Tradyhat app, he sends himself – and his customers reminders for scheduling an annual PAT. He knows the warranty period of your range of appliances and can set reminders according to the most sensitive – or to the lowest appliance damage time.

For example, if appliance A is categorized as a critical one and suppose it requires 1.2 years for a PAT, David will set the schedule according to the time needed to verify that appliance.

David can schedule the invoice date or send it in advance to the client whenever he decides.


Great For Plumbers

Robert is an expert plumber. He’s done the same job for years. Most of the time, plumbing works are generated when someone calls because of an immediate crisis. If you are not receiving water from your bathroom sink or shower, you know you need to call a plumber.

If you are not receiving water from your kitchen sink or shower, if there is a leak, or loss of water pressure, these are all signs you should hire a plumber to pinpoint and resolve this critical plumbing problem.

But good plumbers won’t only arrive promptly to incoming calls. A more professional approach consists of proactive actions. For example, central heating needs to be serviced once a year as part of the boiler maintenance. Annual checkups of water heaters, boilers, garage heaters, air conditioning, BBQ gas lines, fireplaces can replace the next emergency call.

Why TradyHat?

Robert is a professional plumber who doesn’t wait for his clients to contact him in emergency situations only, rather by using the Tradyhat app, he sends himself – and his clients’ reminders for scheduling annual maintenance. He knows the warranty period and can easily set reminders of work he did in the past, saving time if anything should happen.

Robert can schedule the invoice date or send it in advance to the client whenever he decides.


Great For Garden Maintenance

Alex has decided to start his own garden maintenance business after doing it professionally for years for other businesses and years of working for others. But as much as Alex is experienced in mowing lawns and trimming hedges, and he's seen his business grow as word-of-mouth spread to a wider range of people. With an increasing demand for garden maintenance, Alex hired two employees to help him meet the demand. Now he needs to work and manage his workload as well as everyone else's projects.

Alex was considering employing a new project manager. Although the business was scaling and showed signs of growth, it was still too small to include a project manager to manage the two other employees, bring in new projects and manage calendars.

Why TradyHat?

With Tradyhat Alex can now schedule new jobs, define their location, handle various tasks swiftly, and assign new jobs to his two employees. If someone doesn't show up to work for any reason or calls in sick at the last minute, Alex can easily reassign the other employee to open jobs and specific tasks with a few simple taps.

No more do employees, or even Alex need to go back to the office (which is Alex's home) and send invoices from their phones. And the best part is that once the project is done, Alex or one of his employees can automatically send an invoice. On the other hand, the invoice can be scheduled in advance or sent immediately to the client.


Great for Painting and Decorating
Painting walls, laying down new floors and skirting boards

Sometimes painting and decorating your home can be more challenging than expected. Painters are not always the ones that lay down the new floors, and vice versa.

Rick started his business as a wall painter a few years ago. He has done well over the years, but his customers began requesting a wider range of services, such as laying down new floors, skirting boards, and other renovation work, like replacing kitchen cupboards, adding wallpapers, etc.

By working with multiple service providers - aside from painting, Rick needed to manage the time frames of each supplier. For example, many homeowners think that they should do the floors after painting the walls. This is for the simple reason that they don't want the painters to spill paint on their brand-new floors or carpeting. This concern is understandable, and it's what most people think (and prefer). But if you hire a professional painter like Rick, it will be the other way around. He will do the floors first!

Removing and replacing flooring or carpeting is dirty work. If you paint first and then do the floors, there is a high chance that a lot of dirt, dust, sawdust will stick on your beautifully painted walls.

Why TradyHat?

So, when Rick gets a new job to paint and replace the floors, he uses the Tradyhat app to inform Tom to arrive 2 days before him to replace the floors and skirt the boards.

Since Tom uses Tradyhat App too, he can notify Rick before his job is done, and Rick knows it's time to paint the walls. Managing multiple professional skilled trades peoples is where Tradyhat App shines and lets your company grow with happy clients!


Great for Window and Gutter Cleaning

Albert has a business in window and gutter cleaning. This business relies heavily on maintenance cleaning once every six weeks and annual cleaning as well.

Gutter cleaning is an essential task for home improvement. Having clean gutters prevents water damage, freezing concerns, and pest infiltration. Most people are not sure how often they need to clean them.

For many years, Albert worked alone and scheduled the window and gutters cleaning on his phone, but that became more complex as the business grew, and he needed to add one more employee to help him with the workload.

Why TradyHat?

Albert started using Tradyhat and downloaded the App on his employee's mobile phone too. Albert knows the schedule of window and gutter cleaning distributed between him and his employee at any given time. They could plan who goes when and where - so they save time, petrol, and energy. They could plan on specific areas during certain weeks.

The business since then has become more efficient and controllable, both for Albert's business, for his employee, and his clients.

He can notify his clients ahead of time to coordinate when he or his worker will arrive on site to complete the job.

Now Albert and his employee can schedule the invoice date or send it in advance to the client whenever he decides.

By incorporating Tradyhat into your workflow, you not only save time but save energy and distracting activities from your core business. By working more efficiently, you can focus on bringing more quality work that leads to business growth.

You can do all this with the convenience of Tradyhat user-friendly app.